To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
Winston Churchill

Financial Services Advisory

Financial services businesses operate in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated environment. NorthGrant's uses its deep knowledge of the financial sector to provide robust, independent, and professional advice on today's most important issues.

How we can help

Our multi-disciplinary team has a diverse blend of industry experience. We are client-focused in our approach, advising both financial services organizations and a wide variety of other institutional investors. Some of the largest and best-known names in the industry call on us for practical, commercial, and innovative solutions.

We understand the opportunities and challenges that exist for our clients in the financial sector. We offer expert advice and sophisticated solutions to financial institutions, advisors, and other institutional investors:

  • * Investment policy review & development
  • * Asset allocation modeling
  • * Manager research & oversight
  • * Investment risk management
  • * Product development

NorthGrant's expertise in risk assessment, strategic asset allocation, investment manager selection, and delegated investment services helps create financial value for institutional investors.

Our clients

Our clients are diverse, and include the following types of organizations:

  • * Banks
  • * Insurance
  • * Investment managers and funds
  • * Pensions